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May 25, 2008

Session 1 | Day 8

After a night with dreams full of blinded giraffes and the works of Salvador Dali, I awoke with a spirit of adventure. This day would be devoted to conquering the Arkansas River rapids, courtesy of Noah's Ark rafting company. Around forty of the ninety Summit students awoke at that atrocious six o'clock hour to charter the bus that would take us two hours into the mountains to the launch site. The ride was smooth and peaceful, although not as peaceful as the sleep being enjoyed by those that passed on both rafting and hiking Pike's Peak. Nonetheless, by half past eight we were at the site, being lectured on how to survive our coming quest through the frigid forty-four degree water. Finally, we divided up into several squadrons consisting of between five and eight raftsmen in addition to a dexterous guide. My own squad was led by our guide, Christy, a five year veteran of the Arkansas River who probably had names for half the rocks on the journey. Although I am not sure how long the journey lasted, the rapids were certainly a new and exciting experience for myself; one that I would recommend to anyone who has not yet braved the surging white waters of the Arkansas.

Following the adventure, we piled into a school bus at the landing site and enjoyed a ride back to the launch site. The bus ride was narrated by one of the guides in the most hilarious anecdote on bus safety that I have ever heard. Then it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and another two hour bus ride, at least until that ride was interrupted by the potency of burning oil. Yes, the bus had broken down, resulting in a delay of an hour and a half while a second bus was sent to fetch us. Thankfully, we still returned in time for a hot turkey dinner, and the delay gave us a chance to work on our tans and talk about the various lessons and struggles of the week. Following thanksgiving dinner in May, we enjoyed a worship service and another lecture by Dr. Noebel on the facets of worldviews. The evening was ended by a movie on the science of climate and a brief period of free time.

Well, tomorrow is coming fast, and I need some sleep if I am going to be ready to learn at eight. Thanks for reading.

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