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May 23, 2010

Session 1 | Day 8

Session 1 | Day 8

Hello to all from Summit Ministries! As a "first year" student, I have been introduced to and learning a TON about (if you've been reading this blog you may have guessed...) worldviews! Even with the usual six lectures per day, we students are having fun quizzing each other on the six worldviews as well as recognizing and implementing our knowledge:

"Why did you put pepper in my cereal???"
"Because you put pepper in HIS cereal- I was only applying socialism!"
"Well who are you then? Lenin???"

All in a good days' fun at The Summit. ☺

However today (Sunday) we did not have six lectures and in fact have spent most of the day in blissful unproductiveness. Two groups of students did not tak advantage of the one opportunity in the whole two weeks to sleep in and decided to wake up MUCH earlier than usually required (I was not included in either group!). About 30 of the students went white-water rafting (waking at 5:30AM to spend the day in the absolutely freezing water), and many more went to climb Pikes Peak (leaving by 6:30AM to hike for approximately 7-8hrs). To the credit of their sanity, I have heard from several people from both groups that they enjoyed their time immensely. I elected to sleep in (until 7:45), eat breakfast, sing and play worship songs, sleep some more, text friends, and eat lunch before I did anything outdoors or extensively strenuous. Then, it was off to The Incline for me. I have heard several facts about "The Incline," none of which I can verify in any way shape or form:

Fact #0 (because I added it after all the others)- "The Incline" is a stairway that goes 0.9mi up the face of a mountain.
Fact #1- "The Incline" was once a Cog Railway (whose name I do not know) up the mountain.
Fact #2- "The Incline" railroad was somehow deemed useless as a railroad and turned into a stairway up the mountain from the railroad ties (and some very large pipe that originally ran alongside the railroad).
Fact #3- "The Incline" consists of over 5,000 steps (I started counting but lost count somewhere between 250 and 387).
Fact #4- "The Incline" has an average angle of 45 degrees, but sometimes gets as steep as 60 degrees (I would believe it!).

Are you tired yet??? Well, four of us set out slightly scared but ready to conquer the Incline! It took us 3 hours to go up, take pictures, and follow another trail down, but that could not describe our journey. Every step was difficult, and we got tired QUICKLY. At the beginning we went maybe a good 100 steps before taking a rest, but near the end we set goals that were only 20-30 steps away. This was affected by the ever-increasing difficulty of the Incline, as well as our dwindling stamina and strength as we neared the top. It was really hard: some steps were higher than others or at random distances from each other or covered with loose dirt and gravel that made it harder to have a sturdy step. But, through everything, we encouraged each other and supported one another, and it ended up being really fun- even though it was difficult.

One thing Summit has been teaching us is to see clearly what is going on around us, from the worldviews of our professors and peers, to understanding what the media is putting in front of us. The three girls and I modeled what it means to be a community of Christians as we climbed the Incline: supporting and encouraging each other through a difficult time. This is interesting because, also having just finished my freshman year at college, I am searching for a similar group of Christians with whom I will be able to be involved through my college years. It has also been interesting how many things from here at Summit have been applicable to things back home. We are given SO much knowledge and SO much information that we can use to support our Christian faith, protect our God-given rights, and reach out to the lost people around us. Even tonight, in our one and only lecture for Sunday, Dr. Noebel carefully and hilariously gave us information about higher education that we should be aware of and, if the opportunity arises, how to give that information to people who would be willing to see how our education is being specifically censored instead of expanded to the fullest extent. Every lecture has done the same thing: given us support for faith, an awareness of problems, and ways to share what we have learned. I am very glad to be part of Summit this year, and my only disappointment has been that I cannot buy every book suggested! (well, that and the fact that the videos- mostly informational- have been the last thing on the schedule for the day, when we're so tired! ☺ ) God bless, and I'll end with a prayer request: pray that the information we are learning so rapidly sinks in and won't go "in one ear and out our noses" as Dr. Noebel would say.

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