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May 24, 2008

Session 1 | Day 7

I'm sitting outside of the Summit building, watching the wind blow the flags and listening to the sound of laughter and life that is emanating from inside. Evening is a good time for reflecting. It's hard to absorb the enormity of the things that we are being taught at Summit, but it is comforting to feel that I have a grasp, no matter how small, on the world around me. Mike Haley spoke on homosexuality today, and that lecture struck a chord with me. I have a gay, married uncle living in California. While I love him, and truly care about him, I have had a hard time understanding how I should act toward him in the past.

Mr. Haley began by showing us the problem of homosexuality, and the impact that it may have, if left unchecked, on our nation. Then he spoke on the indoctrination of 'gay-friendliness' in the public schools today. He finished by sharing his personal journey out of homosexuality. That was most impactful to me. Hearing, from someone who had actually lived the homosexual lifestyle for over ten years, the reactions that he had received from Christians and the way that he had worked his way out of the gay lifestyle has really opened my eyes.

I don't know that I have ever had homosexuality presented so fairly before. Knowing the facts, without bias or condemnation, allows me to make my belief in the wrongness of homosexuality my own. I have the right mindset about homosexuality now. I know that they are not 'born' that way, so I can confidently call it sin, but I also know that there are events in a child's life that can 'help them along,' so I can love my uncle unconditionally. He is a slave to sin, and I once was too. Mike Haley has helped me to clean up some very confusing thoughts. The Summit has a way of doing that.

I attended the Summit last year, in Tennessee, and I was totally blown away by the amount of information that was presented to me. This year, either because I'm a year older, or because I have heard some of the same ideas presented before, I have really been absorbing things. I am heading out to be a counselor ten days after the Summit, and I think God is really using the Summit to prepare me for helping my girls through some tough issues. While I am shivering outside, I keep thinking how blessed I am that there are Christians in America that feel compelled to bestow such knowledge on the next generation. Knowledge is power, and right now, I feel powerful. And cold. As Doctor Noebel would say, "Peace."

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