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May 23, 2008

Session 1 | Day 6

Today at Summit was absolutely amazing just like every other day at Summit. The good thing is that even though every day is amazing, it's amazing for completely different reasons! Somehow, I can't decide which day has been my favorite. This is my second time at the Summit, and I am so glad that I came back to get more instruction and have more fun.

What especially interested me today was the lecture on Mormonism given by Kevin Bywater. First of all, he is an amazing speaker who really keeps the attention of everyone in the class. He has just the right mixture of humor and content that kept us interested for all 3 of his lectures today. I thought it was cool how he stressed the importance of being very caring and considerate when witnessing to Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. It's horrible how Christians are one of the groups that Mormons dislike the most because they are so cruel and demeaning. It makes so much sense that a respectful and courteous attitude when witnessing to them can make the whole situation better.

Another thing that I enjoyed to no end today was paintballing. Summit took us to this gorge-type place with high, steep mountains on all sides and tons of trees and brush--the most perfect place to play paintball. My experience was one that I will never forget. We played 3 games in all, and the first 2 were kind of slow for me. The first round I got shot and was the second one out, and the second round I just sat in a pile of brush guarding the flag. But the third round was awesome! We played a version called president, where one person is the president and it takes one shot to kill them. The president has 5 bodyguards that cannot be killed no matter how many times you shoot them, and everybody else is out to get the president. Well, the bodyguards hid the president and rushed through and cleaned out everyone but me, and when they thought everything was clear they brought the president through and I nailed her! It was so absolutely awesome! That was one experience that I will never forget.

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