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May 21, 2010

Session 1 | Day 6

Session 1 | Day 6

Today is Day 6, and it’s only getting better. We started the day with Chuck Edwards, who talked to us about the pantheistic worldview in Star Wars, the animistic worldview in Avatar, and the various worldviews in music.

Dr. Frank Turek finished up his lecture on the evidences for God. He only used extra-biblical references and proof, so it was interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After lunch we had the New Testament Bible review, and quickly found out that four classroom staff equal one Judson. Dr. Mike Adams wrapped up the afternoon with a talk on Economic and Cultural Marxism. I just love his story-telling style.

After that, people could go play paintball, rock climb, or visit the Olympic Training Center. I was going to visit the training center, but I missed the bus! Fun times.

During my free time, I was able to purchase the book, Grave Influence. It describes 21 people who rule the world from the grave.

The Open Forum this time was with Drs. Adams and Turek, who are good friends. We discussed politics, free will vs. predestination, and apologetics. The topics were so interesting that our time ran right into Praise and Worship!

In the evening, Dr. Turek spoke on Same-Sex Marriage, and then we watched a movie entitled Mystery of Life’s Origins.

It has been a good experience. The staff is fun and crazy, as well as encouraging and friendly, the speakers are very intelligent, and the food is great!

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