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May 24, 2007

Session 1 | Day 5—Flooded at the Summit

It's day four of Summit, and I'm flooded. God is working, and He's working quickly and intensely on me, overflowing me with conviction, challenge, joy, wonder, confusion and bitterness on occasion, which results from some strict policies like room checks. I'm not used to impeccably folding my bed sheets over and sanitizing my dresser surface each day, but I suppose its for the health and comfort of all guests in this 150 year old hotel at the foot of Pike's Peak.

God's exposing my ignorance. I've realized that for the last three years in a graduate–level creative writing program I've been indoctrinated in Postmodernism. Every proff in that program believes there's no absolute truth, and there never was. Words are subject to personal interpretation. If I say "I Love You," and the recipient interprets the message as "there's a sock on the floor" then there's indeed a sock on the floor. Postmodernism reigns in Literature because Lit people are creative; they hate rules, and they hate absolutism; therefore, they've abolished rules, and they've abolished absolutism. The result is anarchy, no government, no law. If there's no law people die.

That's only one thing I've learned; I've noticed a lot, but I'm almost too overwhelmed to pick the noticing apart. I notice that every person here is positive and full of life. They all know my name, and when I sit down to chat with one person, before long I'm in the middle of a fellowship circle of 10 plus on–fire Christians. No one is isolated here unless by choice. No one is cynical because the world is not worth being cynical about. These people, as do I, have Jesus as their savior. There's no doubt. They are humble enough to admit they need saving, and that's promising; that verifies my thought that Christianity is the way. How can a belief that teaches to love be wrong?

Activities, class and workshop overflow the levy here, and I've been lingering only on the surface of sleep the last three nights; I think it has something to do with the altitude, but even though I wake early with exhaustion like salt water in my stomach, I'm getting energy from some source, energy to be joyful, to learn and to love.

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