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May 23, 2007

Session 1 | Day 4—Take Two

Today is a day that has changed my life. Coming to Summit, I expected to learn, to grow. I never thought I'd be transformed—and it's only the third day.

Today I was reminded of how amazing God is. This past year I was a freshman at Bluffton University. Because of a bus accident in March, five of our school's baseball players died. Mark Cahill talked to us today about witnessing. It wasn't just the easy challenge of eventually sharing your faith with close friends. But instead, he challenged us to share the Good News with everyone we meet—including when we shop or sit on a plane—because every second 2 people die. What have we said to offer hope of eternity in Heaven to the people we encounter when the day is done? I saw those boys probably every day. What did I do to prepare them for the moment when they would meet the God of the universe face to face? I sat in my chair, broken and ashamed, as tears filled my eyes.

I also sat between two people I know God placed in my life for a purpose. A college baseball player on my left, and a student at Virginia Tech on my right. When I think about what these people could do in each of their situations I am so convicted to pray. Pray that they would have the same courage and boldness to share the Gospel to people on their campuses, because we never know when someone may never have another chance.

But, I wasn't just thinking about their opportunities. God brought the names of friends, teammates, professors in my life that need to hear of the Gospel. No longer is my shy nature an excuse. Mark asked the question, "How can we NOT share with these people?"

We took a Bible Exam today. I was challenged to really dig in and study the Bible. Somehow, the way I used to spend my time matters little. What matters now is what will last for eternity.

I think everyone was challenged today. There seemed to be a little more conversation at dinner, a bit louder singing. Perhaps it was the fact that we are getting used to being at Summit. But I pray it's because the Holy Spirit is setting souls on fire, and there isn't anything but God Himself more powerful than that.

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