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May 23, 2007

Session 1 | Day 4—Take One

I would like to take this time to boast of my learnings. I'm feeling smart today. Not that I'm saying that I'm dumb, but you know—I go to art school. I approach life with more of a "sensitive" soul a.k.a. my school has a pass/fail system so I pay no mind to my studies (I hope my mother doesn't read this).

Postmodernism. I learned about that and I finally can say that I understand it. There are a lot of PoMo heads in my school and now I finally get what they're about—absolutely NOTHING. The last three days I've accumulated so much information that I feel as if my head is about to burst. But in a good way. The very questions that I've asked myself were answered with hard cold facts. I came into summit feeling skeptical about what I could get out of it but at this very moment, I'm feeling incredibly confident that I'll walk away a changed person.

There you go, my sapper mcsapperson quote of the day. Woo! I just watched this video about the Darwin theory and how its being proven false and I'm BEAT. I'm going to invest myself into my bed.

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