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May 20, 2009

Session 1 | Day 4

Today was a great day filled with lectures, open forums, and Mexican food. The day began at 7, but I was still too tired to wake up. After a small breakfast, and a surprise visit from an old friend, I got straight into the lectures.

Dr. Del Tackett spoke on the American Revolution and the founding fathers. This was interesting because I just finished watching a TV series on the subject. Needless to say, the shows views were different to the ones here at Summit. After Dr. Tackett, Dr. Frank Beckwith spoke about various subjects from abortion to relativism.

After the lectures we took the brutal Bible Quiz and I am still eagerly awaiting my score. The next few hours were spent in town eating ice cream and playing with small children.
Whoa... the bell's ringing! It's time for a video on Marxism. To all the readers out there, Joey's saying peace in and peace out.

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