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May 19, 2010

Session 1 | Day 4

Three days here, and it feels like three weeks. Class started at 8:15, which was just the beginning of four classes. At this time of morning, we are not really awake, but after about five seconds in class, we are up, alert, and taking notes like crazy.

These classes are intense, but they really challenge us to think. And there is never a boring moment in class. All of our speakers are very personal and put their own humor in at exactly the right moment.

After morning classes, we were surprised by a visit from the Masters College Choir. They sang several songs for us, and it was as if a lightning bolt had hit us. They were amazing, and we were wide eyed in wonder. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms as they sang of our God, of Joshua, and of Mary, and even surprised us with a song in Latin.

Once they were done, we hurriedly ate lunch so that we could scramble back for a 1:15 class.  Following this final class, we immediately ploughed into the Bible exam and a Community Service project, which took up the rest of our afternoon. For some of us, our project was to clean around Summit and the Summit cabins. It was nice to get out, and we ended up having a fun time trying to decide the best way to put leaves into trash bags. Our favorite was the “salad tossâ€? technique, where we took two rakes and scooped them up and into the bag, which got the job done a lot quicker.

After cleaning up and quickly eating dinner, we had one more class on worldviews given by Dr. Noebel. We thoroughly enjoy his sessions because he helps us relax when the room is tense.

Then, finally, we watched an hour-long film on the dangers of Marxism-Leninism. Unfortunately by this time, most of us were half asleep. The staffers were sure to catch that on tape before our night ended.

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