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May 18, 2010

Session 1 | Day 3

We’ve only been here two and a half days and it seems more like four or five days. Dr. Noebel got us started this morning with a couple of verses for the day.  One of them was Proverbs 23:12: “Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.? He also gave us a couple of thoughts for the day.  First, Christian leadership involves servanthood and a non-quitting attitude.  Second, if you are going to be a leader you have to be a reader of good books.  Several books have already been recommended to us, and, as a second-year student, I can assure you that more will be recommended as time goes on!

Today we also enjoyed Ryan Dobson’s stories about his experiences using apologetics and about trusting God with his life.  The stories were entertaining, and we learned from and were encouraged by them. 

Finally, this evening, Dr. Noebel showed us how there are six major worldviews prevalent in our world, and if we have an understanding of them, we have a handle on the ideas of pretty much the whole world!

We had a great sports time today, and, looking ahead, Friday we have the options of playing paintball, going indoor rock climbing, or taking a tour of the Olympic Training Center.

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