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May 30, 2008

Session 1 | Day 13

This morning I woke up from a bad dream thinking I was in my room getting yelled at by my mom... But to my surprise I woke up in the same bed that I had been sleeping in for the past two weeks, on the fourth floor of the Summit Hotel. Although it wasn't my mom that woke me up, it a very similar sound...the BLAIRING sound of a trumpet. That sound was the beginning of the last day of the first session at the Summit. Dragging myself out of bed, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and quickly ran downstairs before breakfast was over. The next four hours or so, were filled with the closure and much needed encouragement, in order to pull the past two weeks together, and prepare us to tackle life's battles in our home towns. When class was over, we went straight to lunch, and then free time.

In the last few hours of free time, myself, along with a group of others, toured the Air Force Academy with a former Summit student who is currently attending the Academy. That was certainly an interesting experience. Their library was amazing! It's crazy how being at the summit for only two weeks has totally changed my view of books. I'm pretty sure I spent over 200 dollars at the book store. Crazy? Yes, but TOTALLY worth it. I cannot WAIT to read them all. grin

When we arrived home, dinner was ready. After we ate, everyone began to get ready for the final event, graduation. Several of the students prepared special music, then Dr. Noebel said a few words. For the past two weeks, we've only been talking about the major ISSUES our country has, but tonight, Doc spoke on the GOOD attributes of our county. After graduation, we all ate some ice cream, and then said goodbye to many of wonderful friends we have made.

Being at the Summit has changed my view of life, my relationship with the Lord, and my passion to serve in the battle to save our ever-dying country. There are three kinds of people in the this word. The people that make things happen, the people the watch things happen, and then people that stand around and have no IDEA what has happened. Be someone that MAKES things happen. After all, who do we have to fear when God is on our side? grin

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