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May 28, 2008

Session 1 | Day 11

In order to avoid mistakes of the past, it is beneficial to learn from the mistakes of others, in particular the history of a people. Summit has unlocked the true history of the nation that was founded upon Biblical freedom, America. Deception regarding the founding of this nation seems to be an epidemic amongst formal teaching in this country. Today in class, the evidence that proved the faith and determination of the Founding Fathers was unmistakable. Our top universities were founded with Christian morals and even today's most secular schools originally held to Christian beliefs. Some of the founding Fathers were clearly Christian while others have mistakenly been labeled pagans. Ben Franklin for one, stood up in Congress amongst a dispute, saying that each morning prayer to God should begin the day, that they should petition God on behalf of America. He quoted the verse "Except the Lord build the House, they labor in vain that build it." America's Godly Heritage has been robbed from the youth of this nation. I am determined to see that change in this country. I would not be satisfied after learning in this class to simply stand on the sidelines and watch the youth of America be deceived into thinking this nation was founded on anything other the direct hand and providence of God.

We were privileged to have Hugh Hewitt at Summit today. I was convinced by the end of the session that I have so much to learn. Hugh Hewitt's book, written especially for young people, is entitled In But Not Of. A quote, who's source I do not recall, stood out to me: "Everyone has a will to win, few have a will to prepare to win." I liken this to a boxing match of some sort, most likely while training for a fight it would behoove you to learn extensively about your opponent. Mr. Hewitt went on to give quite a few cautions from his book. One that most stood out to me was "You want to be in the posture of serving people." What better way to gain influence? Christ Himself said that He came to earth to serve, not to be served and to give Himself as a ransom for many.

Today, God has spoken to me in quiet times that His grace is sufficient for me. Even in my weakness, Jesus is strong. All the knowledge I can acquire is nothing compared to knowing Jesus Christ. Summit allows me to know how to communicate who Jesus is.

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