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May 27, 2010

Session 1 | Day 11

Take Nothing for Granted
Session 1 | Day 11

Staff Auctions. Pizza. Small groups. Massive amounts of soda and junk food bought from Wal-mart on last-minute store runs. I am very glad that I had the honors of attending Summit Ministries’ student summer conference and especially of typing one of the last student blogs for this Summit session. Coming into this whole new world of people and ideas scared me at first, seeming strange and awkward, having to man up and introduce myself to people and be the first to initiate any form of conversation. And then coming into a crowded classroom to listen to hours of lectures seemed insane at first, especially when I had just gotten out of the long grueling hardships of high school. But as I sat down and listened to that first lecture, soaking in those first words, statements, and quotations, my world suddenly flipped upside down. Confidence grew, understanding sprouted, and a love for God that had been hidden so deeply in insecurity and fear jumped out and opened my eyes. The lectures now seem so brilliant and interesting, and I wish I could stay for a longer time so I could take in more and more information.


Dr. Jeff Myers said that you can only retain about 10% of the knowledge that is thrown out at you during your first time at Summit. How true this is! I wish I could come back for another year to indulge even deeper into the wealth of information these speakers hold for us students. There are also the new people that make me want to come back even more. I have made some incredible new friends that I feel so blessed I got to meet. As cliché and cheesy as it sounds, I know the bonds created between us won’t break too easily. At all. And I thank the Lord for every blessing He has been giving me here. I came scared and shaking like a little chihuahua, and I leave now confident and firm in faith and beliefs that have been molded deeply into my brain. I can now defend the conservative Christian views, helping to fight abortion and the erosion of God’s design for marriage, prove by simply using common sense how the creation of this universe has to lead back to some form of a Creator, and have the confidence to speak in public. If you asked for my one regret here, it would be not bringing enough money to purchase William C. Doublestein’s Seal of Approval. Thank You, Lord, for everything you’ve given at Summit.  Continue to bless this place. Goodnighty!

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