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May 27, 2010

Session 1 | Day 10

Session 1 | Day 10

It’s Wednesday, and there are only a few days left at Summit. How unfortunate! I feel I am just getting into things here in Manitou. It’s been a great time though. I have met Christians from all over the United States, from Hawaii to Washington D.C. During our small group time, I have shared some of my spiritual journey and listened to others. At the Feminar, I was able to listen to women discuss their struggles and victories over the years and know I am not the only one who has gone through those same things. With my roommates and other friends at Summit, I have been able to have discussions about life and the things discussed in lectures and open forums.


Both the open forums (informal question and answer times with some of the speakers) and lecture time have been beneficial and enjoyable. Summit has brought in educated speakers like Jeff Myers, Ryan Dobson, Chuck Edwards, Mike Adams, and Dr. Noebel (of course), to name a few. All of these speakers desire to build up young Christians so that they will be able to stand firm in their beliefs. Additionally, they suggest an abundant amount of resources, like books and websites, to turn to if we need more information on the topic. Topics cover concepts like Intelligent Design versus Darwinian Evolution, the 6 worldviews that rule the world today, abortion, homosexuality, economics, and more.


Yet, the Summit is not solely concerned with our worldview and knowledge. The staff here wants to see us grow closer to God as well. Nightly worship is led by gifted staff, and some of the lectures have had a more personal focus. Just today Jeff Myers lectured on where our lives are going and questions to ask ourselves to help guide us. Mike Adams has encouraged and charged us to fight for what we believe in on our school campuses. And as mentioned already, small group time is meant to be a small, safe place to talk and discuss personal things.


So then with all these various aspects, how does one sum up Summit? It’s a little of everything—meeting new people, learning about the world we face everyday, worshipping our God, and talking with those who either previously or currently walk the path before us.


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