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May 16, 2010

Session 1 | Day 1

Welcome to the Summit Colorado 2010 student blog! Today the Summit opened its 48th season of summer leadership camps in the midst of an unusually cold spring and after getting snow only a few days earlier. Nevertheless, over 100 students arrived today to take part in Session 1, many of them returning to finally conclude their Summit experience after last year’s unfortunate “Swine ‘09” episode, in which a case of H1N1 forced the students to curtail their adventures after only a week.  We, as a staff, can only pray that this year is not a repeat of that sad ending! Though the students bring with them a broad array of emotions and expectations, we believe that God is at work in each of their lives and will use this time to cultivate and grow their faith, knowledge, and wisdom. This blog is designed to allow you a quick glimpse into different students’ thoughts and feelings as they progress through the fortnight. We hope you enjoy reading their posts and seeing how God works to prepare leaders for tomorrow!

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