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May 26, 2012

Saturday, May 26 (Session 1, Day 6)

Saturday, May 26 (Session 1, Day 6)


Early this morning, my alarm clock rather unpleasantly woke me up, and the sun shown through my windows to welcome a new day at the Summit. After a brisk run with a few fellow Summit students along the hills in downtown Manitou Springs, I returned to the welcoming Summit Hotel. 


We then went to the cafeteria to choose between a hearty breakfast of french toast, oatmeal, cinnamon apples, fruit, cereal, or the ever-popular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My roommates and I hurried to clean our room, leaving a delicious apple and poem to bribe the room inspector, hoping to gain a few extra points on our room check. 


At a quarter after 8, all the Summit students climbed to the second floor, rushed to their seats, and prepared for another amazing day of learning. Our first speaker was Dr. Robert B. Linden, who spoke to us on leadership. He focused on the attitudes and goals of a Christian leader. Giving detailed examples of incredible people in both history and the present day, Dr. Linden illustrated how these individuals were not controlled by their circumstances. Consequently, they ended up making a name for themselves and doing things no one thought were possible. 


After stretching my legs and taking a look at the books in the bookstore, I returned to the meeting room to be welcomed by two of the other speakers: David Eaton and Daniel Giddings. They spoke about the rapid changes in our culture caused by ongoing technological innovation. Showing pictures, cartoons, quotes, and video clips, AXIS creatively proved that although technology is not bad in itself, it should always be used with wisdom.


Following a delicious meal of quesadillas, nachos, and salad, we all prepared for a fun afternoon of sports at Bear Creek Park. Intense activities were offered such as soccer, tennis, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, football, and my personal favorite, speed volleyball. I also enjoyed some time reading, walking around, hiking, and simply talking to some of my new Summit friends. At supper time, we had a wonderful cook-out, provided by some of the Summit staff. Afterwards, we boarded the bus back to the Summit Hotel, concluding a windy but awesome sports day in Colorado.


When we once again entered the meeting room for our night session, we were welcomed by a man named Mike Haley, who spoke on the often-controversial topic of homosexuality. After teaching us about the campaigns and main trends of the homosexuals of our day, he opened his heart to us and shared his incredible testimony. Mr. Haley, as a former homosexual himself, shared how he overcame this lifestyle by finding the end of himself and running into the arms of Jesus. He also told us of how he met his beautiful wife, Angie, and introduced us to his two sons. It was a lovely time learning how God was in control throughout his life, bringing an unwilling and desperate man to Himself.


Well, it’s almost time for lights out, so I better get some sleep before a new adventurous day at the Summit!


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  • June 06, 2012 // 06:42 am //  # 
    Robert Linden's avatar Robert Linden

    I so appreciate reading what students remember of my presentations as it helps me with future presentations.  Thanks so much Rachel for taking the time to write such a good synopsis of your day.

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