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July 28, 2012

Saturday, July 28 (Session 5, Day 7)

Saturday, July 28 (Session 5, Day 7)

The Bible does not begin with “once upon a time.” Neither, then, should our stories. We are all products of Jesus Christ’s divine intervention on the cross at Calvary; recreated in His image when we accepted the gift of salvation. The essence of how to defend our Christian faith was discovered in a lecture delivered by Greg Koukl. We were introduced to the foundations of our faith, which we may have never considered before. Consider, for example, the following: 1) God never promised that our lives would be free from evil and suffering (Romans 8:28); 2) Jesus saves us from the holy wrath of the Father (2 Cor 5:21); 3) the Creation story fits into your life even if you do not realize it or observe it; and 4) God is the center. The story is about Him; we need to ask ourselves “how do I fit into God’s story,” not “how does God fit into my story.”

Today, we enjoyed some of the best lectures yet. My personal favorite, Dr. Mike Adams, gave a speech called “Killing Six Birds with One Stone,” a lecture on abolishing the lies of abortion and the common (and incredibly refutable) arguments from pro-choice groups. Within this lecture was included statistical information which literally exposed the holes in the pro-choice arguments. One of my favorite parts of Dr. Adams lecture was his constant book referrals. A selection that at first startled me was his recommendation of “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. After thinking for a few seconds, though, I smiled at the irony of the comment. This essay would be the perfect selection for supporting a pro-life worldview. Imagine, you’re debating a pro-choice woman and you announce that you have the solution to poverty and starvation: eat the kids. Literally.

Honestly, I feel as if I got the very best day on which to blog, because last night we had the honor of listening to Mike Haley’s testimony. This man is incredible and has an amazing, faith-filled journey away from homosexuality. Within his talk, Mr. Haley included many statistics for the “one man, one woman” worldview. These statistics will be incredibly useful in my encounters with individuals who struggle with same-sex attractions. He showed us how to talk in a loving, but persistent way. This reminds me of the famous quote, “Never, never, never give up.”

Only at Summit are you going to have the privilege of hearing some of the world’s leading apologists, the ability to climb Red Mountain, and have hundreds of books recommended to you from brilliant teachers. Only at Summit are you going to be encouraged, brought to humility, challenged, and dumbfounded by the amazing Creator.

I am so excited to attend school this fall and apply my knowledge in my classrooms, with my friends, and use some of the “Tactics” mentioned by Greg Koukl (my book is signed, by the way). Being a Christian has never meant so much. Defending my faith has never meant so much. However…I hate Mike Adams.

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