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July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 23 (Session 5, Day 6)

Saturday, July 23 (Session 5, Day 6)

The days at the Summit are long but go by quickly. It seems like only yesterday that I arrived here and began this incredible adventure. And now it’s been almost a week, and we only have a week left to take everything in before returning to our homes.

They say that your first time at Summit is like drinking water out of a fire hose; most of it you get in but don’t retain. Today is a terrific example of this theory. We get up, scramble to get in breakfast, and are in our seats trying to stay awake by 8:00am. We heard from Eric Smith about the reliability of the Bible, from Chuck “Chuckwagon” Edwards about worldviews in Hollywood films, and then from Danielle Myers about masculinity and femininity and the differences between the two.

All week a predominate theme has been that our culture today has seriously twisted some very important concepts. The differences between men and women, and their roles in society are a perfect example. Who leads the household? Who is the life-giver of the family? Mrs. Myers addressed these questions with directness, and helped us to understand each of our places in this world.

Right after lunch we all piled onto the buses and headed off to the park for a very long “sports time.” Much volleyball was played. Some intense ultimate frisbee games were engaged in. Good food was consumed. And best of all, we got a chance to relax and let our brains have a break from the rigorous rhetoric we have been obliged to engage in; during the waking hours we are allowed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed all of the theological and philosophical debates. All of engaging ideas and thoughts we have been given from some of the greatest minds of our time. Who could not love Doc and “Mary and her little critter”? Or Dr. Adams, who not only gets us to think about the hard issue of abortion, but encourages us to – when faced with a challenge – respond with kindness and say “giddy up!”

Upon our return we were greeted by a mother bear and her cubs taking a stroll in our neighborhood. Many of the students from the Midwest states were very excited to see their first semi-wild bear. Those of us from the western states simply thought to ourselves, “Those? I see those all the time in my backyard…”

But they were a reminder of the wilderness that surrounds us. That just beyond the hippie population of Manitou lays the great Rocky Mountains and their native inhabitants. These are God’s creation, one of his wonderful works that we have been given to take care of and enjoy.

Precisely at 8:00pm, we were introduced to Mike Haley, an employee of Focus on the Family, working in their outreach department. He went into depth about the issue of homosexuality, and its constant impact on our culture. He postulated that our society has been desensitized to sexual immorality in general, and now are facing the problem of either accepting or rejecting the gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities. Mr. Haley is a former homosexual himself, and gave unique insight into the problems of the lifestyle. We thank him so much for being open to us and sharing many of the troubles of his youth, and for his dedication to Christ and serving the Christian community now.

Tomorrow many of us set out for whitewater rafting or climbing Pike’s Peak. Or just staying at the Hotel, doing laundry and sleeping in. The Summit is a demanding lifestyle, but if you find the courage and stamina to adapt to it, you will gain many rewards and blessings from God and the people here. The Hotel lobby is still buzzing with activity from the staffers, but all is quiet outside in God’s wonderful creation. Here we find a safe haven, a place that has become almost like home.

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  • August 03, 2011 // 03:32 pm //  # 
    Abby Thornton's avatar Abby Thornton

    Truly an amazing experience! Great blog!

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