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August 24, 2012

Saturday, August 25 (Session 7, Day 7)

Saturday, August 25 (Session 7, Day 7)

In coming to Summit, I expected to be challenged mentally and spiritually. My sole intention was to prepare my mind and heart for intelligently witnessing in a world and educational atmosphere that rejects the Gospel of Christ.
My story is probably very similar to many others in the busyness of life. My days are filled with four jobs and full-time university work so it’s not surprising that life gets in the way of my study of who God is. In the last several months, I found myself participating in many conversations that led to questions about my faith and the current events taking place in our culture. I felt every part of me cry out to answer the questions around me and was horrified to realize that the answers that I knew, I could not articulate. I wanted to give an answer for the hope that I have in my Savior but no words would come – so I sat on my hands. It made me physically ill.

I have been here almost a week and already my mind is full of answers to take back home with me. I can discuss, with relative ease, logical reasons why atheism, cosmic humanism, transcendentalism and many other religions cannot explain the presence of evil, the origins of the earth or the purpose for our existence. However, the most important idea I believe I will carry away from Summit is “always be asking questions”. When I am confronted by subtle or volatile worldviews it is better to ask questions than to give statements. First, it lends dignity and respect to the other person that I know I would want for myself. Secondly, it causes them to give evidence for their truth claims. Thirdly, it is alright to say “I don’t know” and “I’ll research it and get back to you”.

In addition, Summit, also, challenged me to grow relationally and physically. I have been surrounded by wonderful, engaging people who share the same goals, trials and desires that I do in living a purposeful life worthy of glorifying our Savior. Being isolated (referring to our media fast, ie. No internet, ipods or televisions) kept me free of loud distractions and allowed me to gain a clearer focus of who I am in God’s eyes. Being in Colorado gave me a chance to hike mountains, rock climb and get winded going up a flight of stairs – all in one day. (Have some grace, I’m from Florida!)

Summit has impacted my life in such a beautiful way that I’m nervous to go home. Having my questions answered, debating my professors and discussing deep truths with my new found friends have become such strong necessities in my life that I’m sure I’ll end up debating my family before we’ve left the airport. I feel more confident in my knowledge of God and my ability to express His truths. I don’t know where He plans to lead me from here but I’m ready and willing and if I’m lucky, He’ll lead me back to Summit someday soon.

Ephesians 4:10-16
Soli Deo Gloria,

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  • August 27, 2012 // 06:40 am //  # 
    The Browns's avatar The Browns

    Four jobs and full-time university work??  That would be enough to make anyone ill! (Just kidding grin May you return home with many intelligent, thoughtful questions to ask people, and may you also be ready with winsome answers at all times.  Thanks for sharing!

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