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August 22, 2011

Saturday, August 20 (Session 7, Day 6)

Saturday, August 20 (Session 7, Day 6)

Leadership! You know when there is this topic, that wherever you go for a while, you find people talking about? Well for the past three months of my life leadership has been the topic, which God has clearly and repeatedly presented to me.

Let me give you a short overview of the events in the past three months in my life; I went to a camp with my youth group, where the main topic was leadership. Later on, I came to Colorado Springs as a volunteer for two weeks at a church called Woodmen Valley Chapel. They had a sermon series called “Upside Down Leaders,” and later on the church was one of about 250 locations in America hosting a large event called “The Global Leadership Summit.” At this event, they host Christian and non-Christian leaders from around the world to speak on how to be a successful leader. After my two weeks at Woodmen Valley Chapel, I came to Summit Ministries for the third time. Summit is a place where students who want to be leaders listen to many speakers who speak about leadership and loads of other subjects!

Anyways, it didn’t really strike me until one of the staff members in Summit asked me, ”What are you hoping to learn in your third year through Summit?” I thought about it and I realized that I probably won’t learn that much since I have heard most of the material twice before. I replied, ”I don’t think I am here to learn as much as to help first time Summit students to get the most of it!” It was then that I realized that God has put me in this position where I might help the students around me, and all the material I have been exposed to for the past three months was preparing me just for that.

One of the greatest things about God is that He has very creative methods of making you humble. This was demonstrated when I encountered one of the challenging speakers in class - yes, I have been to Summit twice before, but this guy has been doing what he was doing for more than thirty years. At that point, God really showed me that even a leader needs to follow to learn how lead, and the speaker today said just the same words.

I am so thankful for what I have been taught in the past three months. I am just seventeen, though, and I have a long way to go and a lot of leaders to follow until God shapes me into the leader He wants me to be. I want Him to use me in the best possible way, however He sees fit. Until that day, I will follow the example set by Christ with the passion to learn more to become an “Upside Down” leader; one who would do what the leaders of the world today wouldn’t even consider without God’s guidance!

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