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September 06, 2011

Monday, September 5th (Session 8, Day 8)

Monday, September 5th (Session 8, Day 8)

Being raised in a Christian home and going to church my whole life, I’ve always had the idea that I knew almost all there was to know about God, the bible and Christianity.  Coming to summit has made me realize above all else, that I am far from all-knowing.  My Sunday school answers may cut it in my small Christian circle of friends.  But when real life kicks in and people start asking the tough questions, and challenging the Christian worldview, I need to know why I believe what I do.  As well as how to defend it.  And that’s one of the many things I’ve been learning, at summit so far.

 On a different note, one of the things that has stood out about my time here is the emphasis  that is put on masculinity and femininity. And understanding  the importance of different yet equally important roles.  I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to spend two weeks expanding my horizons and learning to look at the big picture, instead of being content as a lukewarm Christian. 

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