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May 31, 2011

Monday, May 31 (Session 2, Day 2)

Monday, May 31 (Session 2, Day 2)

God really works in mysterious ways by putting people in your life at exactly the right point. Just a short example: a random guy heard I was interested in running and once we got talking, we found out we were roommates and have become running buddies for this conference, although due to altitude we both were gasping for air a few minutes into our first jog. Later that evening I ran into a sophomore that was attending the same college I am going to attend. He invited me to help set the flag at half mast today for Memorial Day and it was a pretty awesome experience. While we moved the flag down, we remembered two Summit graduates that gave their lives for our freedom.

Getting your room clean has never been more exciting, seriously. With great roommates we worked to get everything in order. After that, we headed to the first class which was taught by Chuck Edwards on worldviews. It opened your eyes to how so many things are determined by your worldview and how it is so important that you understand that sometimes you have ask around to find out the motivation behind certain people’s beliefs.

After lectures or during breaks, the speakers will sit out on the porch and this provides a great environment to really grasp the issues that are brought up in the lectures, because these issues can be intense. Dr. Noebel said they pretty much have you open your mouth and shoot water from a fire hydrant in. At the same time, the material is taught at a level that everyone can comprehend.

Along with having a great teaching, Summit has also been the first place I have ever been challenged with the goal of pursuing God by following the “Nine Noebel Habits,” which are part of the excellence program here.

John Stonestreet, the next speaker, showed us the different positions that postmodernists hold. He showed that actions have consequences and the history of postmodernism has really had an impact on our culture. In contrast to postmodernism, Mr. Stonestreet made the point that no matter what you do in life, be it science-based, or even law-based, it is essential that your desire is to work hard, to think hard, and to live a life for God and let Him be first. Free time at Summit offers many different possibilities; I, for one, loved hanging out in the lobby with friends today, playing foosball, chess, listening to gifted musicians play, and altogether meeting new friends from all over the nation who have hearts to follow Christ.

This afternoon, after the lectures, we even had the opportunity to go check out the “Garden of the Gods.” It is just another beautiful reminder in nature of His majesty. It was also a great time to just get out, do some parkour off the rocks and take pictures with friends. The bus rides were scenic and the museum/gift shop for “Garden of the Gods” was a great place to hang out.

This afternoon I was able to speak with Chuck Edwards at supper when he joined our table and we were really able to learn about telling others about our faith. I learned that, as an evangelist, you really want to ask questions to make a person think about their own faith. The purpose is not to convince someone there is a God, but through helping him think openly get them to consider the fallacies of their arguments and hopefully ponder the chance that he’s a wretched sinner like me. I still have one more lecture left for tonight, and I’m really excited for what God has in store for the next two weeks.

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