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May 28, 2012

Monday, May 28 (Session 1, Day 8)

Monday, May 28 (Session 1, Day 8)


Room checks are a deeply rooted Summit tradition. As such, each day begins with an aggressive competition to determine the day’s winner. When my roommates and I woke this morning, we piled all of our mattresses around the door, creating a small alcove in our room. We put a small piece of luggage in the alcove and duct taped a piece of paper with a Bible verse to one of the mattresses. On the paper, we wrote to the room-check crew that Jesus’ tomb was empty and He had risen. Much to our excitement, our efforts earned us a perfect score! Of course, when we heard that one of the other rooms had gotten .5 points higher than perfect, our moment of triumph ended rather abruptly. 


For breakfast, we ate mancakes, which are massive pancakes filled with M&M’s. They were absolutely delicious. It was the manliest breakfast I have ever had. After the meal, my roommates and I strew our mattresses across the floor and took turns bouncing around on them. This ended when we were called to class. Our first class was about the New Age movement in America. Our second class was mostly about scientific naturalism and its inherent errors.


Lunch followed, in which we had Philly cheese-steak sandwiches with potato chips. The sandwiches were delicious, so I had two. After our next class, which was a continuation of the previous lecture on scientific naturalism, some of the students went to a canyon to play paintball. The second day of paintball was just as fun as the first. The yellow team tied the green team for wins, and everyone got some serious welts. We returned to a wonderful dinner of lemon-herb chicken, which ranked among the best-tasting meals I can remember. 


Our last class was about marriage and family. Jeff Meyers talked about God’s vision for marriage and some of the consequences of rejecting it. I am greatly looking forward to sports day tomorrow. Though my speed volleyball skills leave much to be desired, it will be great to have a chance to get some exercise. 


In all, today was pretty awesome, and I expect the remaining days to be the same. I know that God has already impacted my life during my time here, and I hope He will continue to encourage me through the friendships I have made. 


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