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May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23 (Session 1, Day 8)

Monday, May 23 (Session 1, Day 8)

Here at Summit, after a day of mostly rest, we picked the pace back up with the usual four lectures before lunch, followed by one after, with worship and two other lectures still yet to come. While some of these lectures are repeats for alumni like myself, hearing many of the same lectures and principles again brings back a lot that I forgot over the months it has been since I last walked Summit’s halls.

I must admit that, despite the extra rest yesterday, I initially didn’t feel particularly eager to get up—a feeling clearly shared by two of my roommates who also got up several minutes after the morning “bell”—but a shower and a pleasant breakfast helped restore my alertness and readiness for another day at Summit. Although getting enough sleep can sometimes feel like an issue here, Summit really is “a finely tuned machine”, and there is always just barely enough time for rest to get us through the day.

Looking back at the lectures we’ve had today already, it’s nearly amusing to remember the feeling of overload I recall from last year, compared to the ease with which I can take in and understand the subjects not even a full year later. By the second week of my first session here, I was struggling to keep up; the sheer contrast between that and my calm understanding now shows just how effective Summit has been, and why it’s so good to come back at least one more time.

One thing I do miss this year is Doc, or David A. Noebel, who only spoke a few times at the beginning of this session, and whom I hold as a personal hero to be looked up to and learned from. He used to open up every morning with “Bible Hour,” and while Eric Smith does a great job of explaining the same principles, it’s just so different without Doc. Nevertheless, I’m just grateful that Summit can continue so strongly without Doc’s constant presence. This to me seems like a promise that it will continue for years to come.

On a more specific note, the two lectures today that interested me the most were those by Chuck Edwards and Warren Smith. Chuck Edwards’s lecture was titled “Postmodern Bible Study,” and in it he showed us how verses and even short phrases are so often taken out of context in some arguments and teachings, as well as how to examine biblical statements within context and more adequately. In the other lecture, “How Media Shape Your Worldview,” Warren Smith discussed how different media of communication and entertainment are in fact not equal, and that some can inherently shape or affect the message being shown. While I didn’t totally agree with his presentation of some media types, as I have seen the same medium handled quite differently for a very different effect, the general idea rang true and reminded me of the importance of handling different types of media differently. Though I’ve heard both of these subjects before, I don’t think I fully understood them the first time.

All in all, returning to Summit for a second round proved to be a great idea, and I’m grateful to be here again. For anyone else who is either considering going for the first time, or returning, I whole-heartedly suggest it. If any place has a chance to turn one’s eyes back to our Lord God and teach us to think, it’s Summit.

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