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June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27 (Session 4, Day 2)

Monday, June 27 (Session 4, Day 2)

Today was the first official day of classes. I woke up pretty early (around 5) and went out to write on the hotel’s porch. I had been pretty anxious about coming to Summit at first but the friendly atmosphere and the beauty here has helped a lot. I stayed on the porch until breakfast just looking at the amazing view, writing, praying, and reading Psalms 24-25, it was an amazing way to start the day. Breakfast was fairly normal, baked oatmeal and such. Then it was time for classes. We started with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and to Christian flag as well as the first verse to Amazing Grace. It was an incredible way to start the classes and put my brain into focus on what we are here to learn about, God. The classes for the first day were taught by Jeff Myers and Chuck Edwards and included talks about worldviews, messages in media, and Christian intellectualism. Finishing up with a visit from “Bob the Atheist,” aka Chuck Edwards,  did his best to steamroll us by asking “Why should I believe in your ‘Sky-God’?”


During the afternoon break I went into town with a few friends during the break, and I got custard for the first time ever. I get the feeling that that will not be the only ‘first’ I have while here.


As soon as we got back from town everyone was herded onto the buses for a trip to the Garden of the Gods. The visitor center had the typical gift shop with over priced t-shirts and shiny rocks and other such trinkets. Couldn't leave without herding the entire class onto the balcony to do the wave. The giant, thin boulders sticking up hundreds of feet up from the ground were breathtaking, sudden splashes of red among the greens and tans of the surrounding land.


After dinner,  more classes and well worship,  all in all this first day was amazing and I have a feeling that the rest of my time at Summit will be even better.


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