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June 26, 2012

Monday, June 25 (Session 3, Day 9)

These last two days have definitely been an adjustment in our temporary facility (Mountain Springs Church), but God has blessed us with the ability to move forward with our classes and continue to learn more about Him.

My favorite speaker today was Brett Kunkle, who spoke about tactics for defending our Christian faith as well as how to deal with our doubts about Christianity.  I found the lecture on “Tactics” was incredibly helpful because it gave me a game plan on how I can defend my beliefs without making enemies.  The main idea of this lecture was to use “The Columbo Tactic” which involves asking more questions instead of making statements about beliefs.  Kunkle emphasized the importance of making sure that we listen to the other side and get a clear idea of what they believe about essential ideas such as God, forgiveness, and heaven.  Learning simple questions such as “What do you mean by that?” and “How did you come to that conclusion?” gave me great confidence in approaching further discussions about Jesus. These questions are simple and take the pressure off of me trying to defend the Christian worldview. Overall, this lecture taught me not to be afraid about having discussions about Jesus because not only will the Holy Spirit be with me, but I also now have simple conversation tactics to better convey the truth about Christianity.

Furthermore, Kunkle spoke about doubt and identified three different kinds of doubt that separate us from God. These include intellectual, emotional, and moral doubt.  I also found this lecture helpful because not only did it help resolve some of my own doubts about Christianity, but I also learned how to help others resolve their doubts about God. The most important thing I learned from this lecture is that it’s okay to have doubts and be unsure about some things because God uses our doubts as an opportunity to bring us closer to Him. This gave me great comfort and encouragement as I continue moving forward in my relationship with Christ and grow closer to Him.

I would like to thank all of you who have been supporting Summit both physically and prayerfully as we were evacuated because of the fire.  God’s presence and grace have been overwhelmingly evident over the last two days. It has been amazing to see the body of Christ come together to show the love we’ve received through the cross to one another.  Hopefully we will be returning to Summit soon and finish out the rest of Session “3vac” as it has fondly been nicknamed, and continue home sharing with our community everything we have learned here at Summit.

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  • June 27, 2012 // 10:58 am //  # 
    Brett Green's avatar Brett Green

    We are praying for you all there at Summit, trusting that the Soveriegn Almighty has you in His watchful care.  We will be sending our two young adults for session 7…nothing will dissuade us from this for we rest in His abiding love in full confidence.  He will sustain you Summit.  God Bless.

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