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June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20 (Session 3, Day 9)

Monday, June 20 (Session 3, Day 9)

Today’s awakening was by far the best of all the rude (come on, we are sleeping) awakenings that we have had here at Summit. It was “The Final Countdown” by Europe being blasted out of speakers followed by cries of “Mancakes!” If you don’t know what a mancake is, it’s one of the two things that will survive a nuclear holocaust (the other being all those cockroaches). It was a great syrupy breakfast filled with color.

First up on the list of speakers was Eric Smith with Bible Hour (which never really ends in an hour for some strange reason). Today, we discussed the importance of Genesis 1 and what it talks about. My group, the Dallas Stars (Mr. Smith likes NHL. He has good taste), had the assignment of both summarizing the Bible in both one sentence and six verses. One sentence is interesting but by far, the whole Bible in six verses--that was a demanding task. Seriously, when you have more verses than you can shake a stick at, it’s really hard to narrow it down to just six.

The next lecture was on Islam with the presenter being Darrell Furgason This was rather well done. We received a good description of the differences between Christianity and Islam, and the origin story of Islam. He presented nice little fact about the moon god that Mohammed knew about was named Al-Ilah, which if used creatively, can be seen as Allah. I just thought we were missing one thing. From my studies into Islam, one of the reasons that it spreads so quickly is the way they go into battle and what they do when they win. If you know what I am talking about, sweet. If you don’t, you should come over here and get this chance to learn (Yes, come. It’s awesome).

Next up on the list was John Stonestreet on Postmodernism. This was my favorite of all the worldview explanations. It gave me exactly what was needed: information with a good mix of dry humor. Have you ever heard anyone compare the Cosby show and Seinfeld? It was off the wall but I won’t forget comparing the awesome family and the sad friends with two rival worldviews. The best bit was a point used to explain one of postmodernism’s faults. It was a quote by Ravi Zacharias and it goes something like “Cultures that love their neighbors are always better than cultures that eat their neighbors.” I agree. I don’t think I’d like my neighbors if I was their dinner.... Then again, I would be thinking anything.

After that was lunch and the infamous Bible Exam Retake. Just so you know, chili and tests really go together. Just think about that. Beans and a large amount of stress forced into 180 questions mixed together. It couldn’t have been better for the senses.

Spaced between lunch and dinner was Jeff Myers on the topic of “The Whole Truth About Love, Sex, Marriage (and Kids)”. This man has guts. When talking about what Adam could have done differently, he tells us his stories about how he killed snakes of his own. No, I mean literally. The guy lives in Tennessee. He has three snakes under his belt. But that isn’t the real reason this man has guts. He talked straight about the difference between men and women in ways that could have been uncomfortable and controversial, but are needed. And he killed a snake by stomping on its head. Major props to him.

Finally, the Manference. By far, one of the most importance parts of the week followed by food and fun. I can’t spill secrets (actually, I can but don’t have the writing capacity to describe it) but it was about the meaning of masculinity. The analogies were stuff every guy should know, football and zombies. Yeah, just start to imagine this talk. You’ll not come close.

That was today. It was good, it was long, it had Mancakes.

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