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June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13 (Session 3, Day 2)

Monday, June 13 (Session 3, Day 2)

The first official day of Summit is almost over. Summit isn’t what I expected—it far exceeded any of my expectations. I’m not used to the early mornings quite yet. I don’t think anyone is. I did manage to get up in time for a slightly warm shower which was a pleasant surprise. A not so pleasant surprise was the room inspectors and their unrealistic ideas of clean.

Chuck Edwards kept everyone entertained in his worldview overview, even playing devil’s advocate at one point. Needless to say, we all realized how important Summit was going to be, especially when Mr. Edwards left us all speechless playing the part of an atheistic professor, “Bob”.

Jeff Myers equipped us with some useful statistics and kept us laughing. By the time lunch came around, I was surprised to find I had taken several pages of notes, more than I had ever taken in any high school class. Taking notes was a good excuse for me to use all my gel pens, and my attempt at remembering everything I’m learning here.

After lunch, Mike Adams spoke on the importance of Christian litigation. His examples and sense of humor made it easy to stay focused, even on a sunny afternoon. Following his presentation, everyone got some free time. I took that time to explore the town with the friends I came with, as well as new ones I met here at Summit.

Everyone got the opportunity to visit Garden of the Gods. Growing up in Iowa, I had never seen the Rocky Mountains. The scenery was beautiful, though sadly I forgot my camera.

We were back in time for dinner and porch time. Porch time is a time when students are able to ask speakers questions they couldn’t take time to ask in class. Jeff Myers was able to answer almost all the questions thrown at him on a variety of topics. I will definitely be at all of the porch times!

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