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June 11, 2012

Monday, June 11 (Session 2, Day 9)

Monday, June 11 (Session 2, Day 9)


“The present is the point at which time touches eternity”.  So says C.S. Lewis in his book The Screwtape Letters.  At the Summit we seem to be so busy with the present activities, lectures, or relationships that these words by C. S. Lewis have gained more meaning.  Of course we take knowledge from our past and hope to influence the future, but there is something beautiful and vibrant about the present.  For history is fixed and the future is uncertain, but we live in the present.  


One thing I particularly have enjoyed at the Summit is our media fast.  I think it allows us to live more deeply in the life right before us.  This has been the second morning in which the Summit students have been awoken by a real live bagpipe!  See what happens when we can’t listen to our iPods or MP3’s?  We resort to very creative means of music (and of alarm clocks)!  


This morning John Stonestreet gave a rather disconcerting lecture on “The Brave New World” of Biotechnology and how our ethics have not caught up with our technological advancements.  While biotechnology seems to have great potential for good, it also has disastrous potential for evil. On another note, Alan Shlemon spoke on how to be ambassadors to the Muslim people.  He reminded us that, as Christians, we represent Christ at all times, whether for good or for ill. We also heard from Mike Adams, who described our constitutional right to be offended and the selective freedom of speech on many of today’s college campuses.  Of all the sessions today, I believe I enjoyed the last one the most of all.  In this session Dr. Myers spoke on the foundational component to society, the family, and why Satan is so strongly attacking this institution.  I found it fascinating that in Genesis 3, when God said that the offspring of Eve is to crush the head of Satan, “the offspring” means one person who epitomizes the group but also the entire line of descendants of Eve.  That means every child is born a Satan-crusher.  This is why the family is under such attack, and why we must strive for it’s protection.  


Finally, one of my favorite parts of today was my hike up Red Mountain during free time with two other girls.  The hike was gorgeous, from the wildflowers lining the path to the breathtaking view when we finally reached the peak. I love discovering God’s creation along with His logic and knowledge.


Happy summer to all and to all a good night.


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