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July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30 (Session 5, Day 9)

Monday, July 30 (Session 5, Day 9)

Hey! I’m writing this sitting on the porch at Summit… with the breeze blowing and some of my fellow students singing along to the guitar. It’s a very nice atmosphere! It’s always nice to relax and wind down at the end of a busy, fun filled, fulfilling day at the Summit!

The Sunday that runs through every Summit session is the best day ever!! We basically have the whole day off and students are free to climb Pikes Peak, go White Water Rafting, go rock climbing or just sleep in!! Me? Being the adventurous Sri Lankan that I am… I chose Pikes Peak. It was a grueling climb! Believe me when I say that Philippians 4:13 never meant more to me than it did today!! Waking up at 5am, my first thought was “Lord help me… I’m climbing this mountain!” I was dead nervous and I wasn’t really enjoying my cereal either! Well… we met down at the lobby and 6am we hit the road! It probably took us an hour or so to drive to the foot of Pikes Peak and then the ascent began!! We were a pretty big group… but we were allowed to climb at our own pace. My friend Nate (yes…there’s another one!) and I ended up at the back of the pack but don’t judge us! I was being the typical tourist and was taking photos of every thing! The scenery was amazing!! It was just epic to see all of God’s creation at it’s fullest. We were praising God as much we could… except for the fact that we kept running out of breath! If we had any more breath in us we would have sung some praise and worship but yeah…there’s serious lack of oxygen in Colorado! Anyway… we climbed and climbed for hours. Every now and then I would think about quitting but then Philippians 4:13 would come to mind. Nate and I would say it out loud whenever we got discouraged, emphasizing the different parts of the verse. It was awesome!! That verse just spurred us on! Most people would be discouraged if everyone was ahead but my goal was to make it to the top… and I did!! This is a perfect example of how the Lord is changing me. The old Nathan would have just quit when it got tough but not anymore! I prayed that the Lord would transform my life and take me to deeper levels of maturity with Him through Summit, and I believe He’s doing that! Reaching the Peak was AWESOME! I was so excited… because it was another mental barrier broken! The Lord can even use a hike to change things deep within!

Dr. Jeff Myers did the session this evening. It was on “What is church?” Think about it. We all assume we know what church is… but do we ever ask ourselves “What is church?” I bet the answer is no! In my opinion, church is not a building but the people. Christians can meet up anywhere and glorify God and it would still be church. Dr. Myers did bring this up to an extent. We spent an hour discussing the different metaphors for church and the Scripture references they are referenced from. The important thing to remember is that the church is the BODY of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). Each part can’t function without the others! So whatever our talents are, God uses them all together for His glory. That was a very important lesson for me to learn because recently I’ve been struggling with “a lack of talent.” I realize now that I was horribly wrong! I’m talented in different ways to everyone else and God uses my talents together with the rest of His people for His Glory. Isn’t that incredible? I love how He works! We also discussed how we are a FAMILY (Hebrews 2:10-18). That really touched me because I’m very close to my brothers and sisters in Christ back home in Sri Lanka. We do care about each other and we look out for each other. And it’s like that at Summit. It’s amazing how I can have spiritual conversations with people I’ve known for a week!! That’s what Summit does. It brings us together. I can’t wait to see what this next week holds!!

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    Laurie Jones's avatar Laurie Jones

    My son Erik Jones attended Summit semester in 2011. I’m asking for prayer for our rock quarry in Calif. The County is trying to shut us down and is unwilling to work with us. We’ve been in business for 50 years. Please pray that God would intervene and save our Business from the Wicked County Resource management agency and the surface mine and reclamation agency. If any of you have church prayer chains please put our Co. on it WAYNE J. SAND & GRAVEL INC.Thanks so much for the new generation of Summit students and prayer warriors !!!

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