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July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, (Session 5, Day 8)

Monday, July 25, (Session 5, Day 8)

Today started with the usual “ring, ring, ring,” of the phone alarm. As I unwillingly arose from my bed, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow… today’s the second Monday already…” Not a fabulous way to start the day out! (I’m simply loving every second of this great opportunity, let alone every day!)

My journey to this point started when saying goodbye to my parents at the Billings airport terminal. It was a strange time, just knowing it was the first occasion officially out on my own. The flight, not to mention catching the connection flight, was in and of itself, a great experience.

I was greeted warmly by staff and strangers alike, and quickly became at ease in my new two week home.

Let’s fast forward to today and the happenings within. Still healing from a paintball wound, (very minor and definitely worth the money to get the mark of manhood...) I was reminded to stay awake every time I bumped my elbow into the desk. (Great, though painful method to stay awake. Not highly recommendable!)

The topics were engaging, though I did find myself fighting to stay awake during the morning classes. (Some of today’s topics included: cosmic humanism, and secular humanism in depth-- all of which were very intriguing.)

I didn’t realize just how popular “Oprah’s religion” was in today’s culture (cosmic humanism- a.k.a. “You are God, and you know so, because you feel so.”) It sure can prevent people from seeing eye to eye, especially in the area of nursing healthcare. (Who’d have thought?)

Now, let’s give attention to secular humanism for a moment. Secular humanism so being-(definition greatly lessened from the complete definition)- that the body is the only part of the human that needs to be treated. Oddly enough, doctors are more likely to adopt this worldview- even though their nurses are more prone to take the cosmic humanism point of view.

Tonight was a slight deviation from the usual schedule- as we had the “Manference,” and the “Feminar.” Both names are fairly self explanatory, though I will add a few tidbits of information.

At the “Feminar,” we heard testimonies of the lady staff members. These weren’t the usual testimonies though, the things they had to say pertained more to “If I could do it over,” scenarios. It was refreshing to hear that rather than the stereotypical “purity talk.” I rather enjoyed the change up.

To conclude, the long days and short nights are very difficult, but SO worth it. May God’s Kingdom be furthered through the graduates of this session in Colorado.

God bless!!

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  • July 26, 2011 // 10:02 am //  # 
    Gavin's avatar Gavin

    WOW my little girl is growing up and spreading her wings!!!LOL! i love you tobs… i hope you are having fun up there and you got to play paintball!!!!! that must of been intense….some of those girls were probably getting into it and growling and you were probably like,” Bring it on little girls, i ain’t afraid of you!!!!” lol. well i hope you make it home safe to us and love you forever and ever.
    BYE LOSER!!!

  • July 26, 2011 // 01:50 pm //  # 
    Lena's avatar Lena

    Wow, Toby! Sounds like you’re having a fantabulous time!! Jealous of the paintballing! I’ve always wanted to try that. wink Sounds like super epic fun. Anyhoo, see you when you get back! Love ya, best friend!!

  • July 26, 2011 // 02:16 pm //  # 
    shane's avatar shane

    haha i knew i wasnt the only one that thought i O magazine was part of oprahs genius plan, haha or not so genius! yeah im guna stick with the bible that actually you know makes sense and is true. not her O magazine, so hey glad ya got to play paintball i always loved that sport. so have fun with what cha doing. and also see ya come august or sooner, (im so not looking forward to school, i hate waking up early) but i guess its for the best, haha, so ttyl god bless

  • July 26, 2011 // 09:19 pm //  # 
    A. Dawn's avatar A. Dawn


    Enjoyed reading your Summit Review.
    Long live your editorial journalistic skills! 


  • July 28, 2011 // 09:00 am //  # 
    Dad's avatar Dad

    The paint ball wounds will eventually heal.  My hope for you is that the information you learned and friends you make while at Summit will last a life time.  Cove Dad

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