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July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18 (Session 5, Day 1)

Monday, July 18 (Session 5, Day 1)

I came into Summit expecting a total different experience than what today held. First off, I was so tired I just knew I would fall asleep in the classroom. Fortunately I was wrong, the first speaker asked some really hard questions and had some really good answers as well. I found myself unable to turn away; it was amazing! I found myself thinking, “I’ve heard these things before but not like this.” Robert Linden, who spoke next on the topic of leadership, was equally compelling. His open forum, in which he answered questions we asked, was in-depth. The lectures over all? They were amazing and extremely informational in ways I had never been taught before.

We also got to go to a Colorado park called “Garden of the Gods,” and despite its name it has no professionally placed plants of any kind. In fact almost no plants at all, but beautiful red rock formations seemingly leaping out of the ground, making for a breathtaking sight! Obviously for us it’s more of “Garden Of Our God,” that is, just another glorious sign of our Creator. I found myself high in the air looking out over mountains and formations that only an intelligent being could have created. Now I know why they took us there; that’s what Summit is all about— to deepen our understanding of creation, and why others deny the intelligence involved.

If there are any parents of students who are attending session five reading this, you need not worry—most of the staff here have been through Summit and are phenomenal living proof of what Summit can do for your kids. They are all in it with us, running, jumping, and everything you can think of. Not to mention they’re a blast, but they keep us in line. The founder Dr. Noebel is the most amazing man I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to; the way he presented and got into it made me realize how deeply entangled in sin our world really is. Not only that, but it gave me the confidence that I, yes, little old me, can make a change after these two weeks. That was something I was doubting for a time, but not any more. I can’t wait to hear what the faculty has for us tomorrow, and what God has in store for us in the next two weeks.

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