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August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29th (Session 8, Day 1)

Monday, August 29th (Session 8, Day 1)

Today was our first, full day of the Summit experience and boy did we feel the intensity of the top. Many of us still suffering from jet lag, jelly-car legs, and very little sleep, we woke to the joyful sound of abnoxious music and insistent shouting at seven this morning; inconsistent with my favorite Proverbs verse. A filling breakfast and a discussion as to why we are here, directed by Chuck Edwards, was a great way to get us up and thinking. After a quick thirty minutes for a power nap and sugar filled coffee, we started our next session with John Stonestreet as to what the world would look like without God. Perspective is a powerful thing. That flowed nicely into both the Post Modern 1 and Post Modern 2 sessions, also led by Mr. Stonestreet with an amazing roast beef and french dip lunch in between. During the Post Modern discussions, we talked a lot about what people think Ultimate Reality is. There is knowable and unknowable reality. Under the knowable, there is Physical, Spiritual, and Personal God which is where christianity fits in. One of the things I found most interesting was a quote by Carl Sagan. He said; “The Cosmos is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be.” However, to prove this, you would have to be everywhere at all times (automatic disproval of the statement) and that means you would have to be God (there is only one and we are NOT him). 

With the two hours of free time we had, most of us slept, went to the small, botique-filled town, or involved ourselves in an intense game of foosball or chess. At 4pm, we headed to The Garden Of The Gods for an amazing and beautiful experience. How gorgeous! *NOTE: Do not climb down the rocks in flip-flops (it hurts). At 5:30, dinner and then we were all invited to an open forum on the front porch with Mr. Stonestreet. Many of attended this forum and many stunning questions were raised. We talked extensively on how we tend to take verses out of the bible that were intended for someone specific and read them as if they were intended for us. This is what Mr. Stonestreet refered to as “Cherry Picking” the bible. 

World Views in collision was the next session at eight and that went until 10pm. We learned multiple things about the 6 different world views in the world today. A World View is: A bundle of ideas, beliefs, convictions, and values in which one ‘stick’ in the bundle is theological, philisophical, ethical, biological, psychological, logical, political, economical, and historical. Each World View is made up of ten ideas which suggests there are approximately 60 ideas for all of the world views. 

Being only the first day, I was so surprised at how much I learned about religion, the world, myself, and my peers. I am very excited to know that this is only the very beginning of my journey at Summit and my view of the world. I am ready for the challenge of change and the re-involvement of tradition in my life.



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