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August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15 (Session 7, Day 1)

Monday, August 15 (Session 7, Day 1)

Today was the first day of the Summit for those of us here in Manitou Springs, and we’re already in full swing. After just one day, the Summit feels like a second home, a place where you are almost perfectly in harmony with those around you in a state of eager like-mindedness. After listening to Chuck Edwards speak on the Worldview Basics, we were blessed to hear Dr. Norman Geisler speak on the veracity of the Bible, as well as the twelve points that prove the validity of Christianity as a worldview and system of faith.

In between absentmindedly looking at the amazing mountain scenery and drifting through the town, the students have had the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. With new roommates, meeting with small groups and greeting new faces in the halls, we are no longer strangers here at Summit. We are truly brothers and sisters in Christ. Today we made an excursion to the Garden of the Gods, where rocks violently jut out of the earth at the base of the mountains.

We have already been beset by new ideas about Christianity, and its precarious position in modern times. The atmosphere that permeates the Summit is one of not only excitement, but a growing sense of duty. As Christians, our beliefs are constantly being challenged. Many of us are not up to the task of intelligently conversing about our faith, let alone debating it under direct opposition. Some of Dr. David Noebel’s first words to us were that we are a generation that has to overcome fear, stand up, face the task set before us, and not give up on Christ. I praise God for the men and women who staff the Summit and challenge us to grow in faith and knowledge.

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  • August 17, 2011 // 04:41 pm //  # 
    MeLane Trout's avatar MeLane Trout

    Well said Molly. I enjoyed reading your post. I am so encouraged to hear about the strong training you are all receiving at The Summit.

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