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May 20, 2009

Looking up!

Have you ever been the last person to arrive? Depending on how late you are, it feels as though everyone else knows what is going on, knows everyone else, has formed their circle of friends, and well, you feel just a little bit left out! I know this feeling, because I just arrived here at Summit last night, 2 days after the students, and a full week after the other staff. Alas... such is life! At least I have been here before and should be able to jump right in. I suppose that little preamble is a semblance of an apology and an excuse for why you have not seen the Colorado Student Blog in action yet... but things are looking up! I'm not a student, so this post does not really count, but the big goal is to have a real live student write something for this very blog and have it posted within the next 24 hours. Thanks to you our faithful parents, students, and supporters for giving us someone to write to! We look forward to being in touch throughout the summer.

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  • May 20, 2009 // 02:55 pm //  # 
    Tori's avatar Tori

    Welcome back Rowen!

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