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May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24 (Session 1, Day 4)

Thursday, May 24 (Session 1, Day 4)

Today has been an eventful day at the Summit! The day’s schedule began with breakfast at 7:15. The main dish was biscuits and gravy (some of the best I’ve ever had, I might add). The kitchen staff here are known for the outstanding food they serve, and they excel at their job, providing nutritious and tasty food for all here at the Summit.

In our first classroom period of the day, Mr. Brett Kunkle, the student impact director of the program “Stand to Reason,” took the podium. He spoke to us on the tactics of defending our faith and gave us three main questions to use in practicum. These three questions were: “What do you mean by that?” “What made you come to that conclusion?” and “Can you clear this up for me?”  Kunkle showed how these three questions could be used to clarify another’s belief, take the burden of proof off of oneself, and point out fallacies in reasoning.  It was interesting how he taught us to utilize these questions in a way which causes others to be interested in Christianity rather than turned away, because of the non-threatening way in which we can defend our faith.  

Following Kunkle’s first lecture, we had the privilege of hearing from Summit’s founder and former president, Dr. David Noebel, for the next two class periods.  This was a special blessing to me, as I had previously heard him speak during his last year as president of Summit in 2011.  He spoke to us today about “America’s unofficial religion” and the infiltration into our school system of a Humanistic and Secular ideology. It was an eye-opening lecture that went hand-in-hand with the movie Agenda that we watched the previous night. For those who have not seen this documentary, Agenda outlines the Communist plan for America and how it is being executed even now.  

After all the critical thinking we did this morning, I can safely say that we were all ready for lunch. After another fabulous meal, we loaded on the buses and headed to Bear Creek Park for some much-needed sports time. Here at Summit, they believe it is important not only to exercise the mind but the body as well. Students lounged beneath the trees, reading books or just having fellowship with others. Someone even proceeded to serenade our group with their bagpipe. Many played sports, including football, basketball, tennis, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. And of course, there was speed volleyball: the ever popular sport essential to a true Summit experience! 

Our last classroom period of the day was once again with Brett Kunkle. In his second lecture, he spoke on dealing with doubt, addressing the problems both Christians and non-Christians often face. One point specifically stood out in my mind; doubt is normal for humans to experience, but if we let that doubt go unaddressed, it may lead to problems. If we struggle with doubt, we should seek answers rather than sit by and let doubt fester.

Today, my mind was challenged to think in new and exciting ways, and we had some great fellowship in between. In short, it’s been a fantastic day at Summit!    

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