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May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20 (Session 1, Day 5)

Friday, May 20 (Session 1, Day 5)

Hey y’all! Welcome to “Plaid Friday” at The Summit. Ironically, I am from West Texas and own approximately one plaid shirt and forgot to bring it to Colorado with me. So, needless to say, I feel slightly out of place right now amongst a sea of plaid shirts, shorts, and even a kilt worn by one brave individual. The warm atmosphere surrounding the lobby of the hotel this evening is filled with laughter, song, and friendship. But maybe I should back up and start at the beginning of the day.

Today started out like any other. An earlier-than-wanted wake-up call, followed by the cacophony of eight girls attempting to use one bathroom in the span of 30 minutes before breakfast. This morning was greeted with an unusual discussion at breakfast where we actually chewed the fat (metaphorically of course) over an issue that was later brought to fruition in a session. My fellow classmates and I discussed whether or not homosexuality was a choice made by a person on how they wanted to live their lives or if it was something deeper than that. When Dr. Frank Turek came into the classroom to discuss same-sex marriage, many of our questions were answered. He brought to light many issues that we ourselves had been trying to hash out earlier that morning. His points of discussion were so enlightening that I purchased his book Correct Not Politically Correct for further reading. After lunch most of the class had the opportunity to listen to Chuck Asay. However, due to the fact that I am a Summit alumna I was allowed to miss this session in favor for a smaller discussion led by John Stonestreet. Mr. Stonestreet is one of my favorite speakers here at The Summit. He once came to my church in Texas and I convinced my parents to go with me to see what I had been hearing while at Summit. They were so impressed by what he had to say that they agreed to send me back here to learn some more. Stonestreet talked with us about finding our potential and learning God’s will for our lives. He posed two questions for us to discuss: what makes you alive? And what breaks your heart? He then quoted Frederick Buechner, “The place that God calls you is where your deepest passion and the world’s deepest hunger meets”. He reminded the alumni that we were created in God’s image and that is our purpose. We are to use that to be stewards of our gifts and further the kingdom of God. We are to use our gifts, opportunities, failures, strengths, and relationships to pursue and find God’s will for our lives. This concept was particularly interesting because I am rapidly approaching graduation from Texas Tech University and I had not fully considered my future. After this discussion a handful of students and I piled onto a bus and headed for the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The exciting part of this trip is that one student this session had actually been training at this facility for the past two years. He gave us a more detailed tour than the tour guide ever could because he lived in that situation. My goal was to see Michael Phelps and unfortunately I did not see him. Another day perhaps…

Our evening worship was wonderful and was followed by a session I had actually heard multiple times from Mr. Stonestreet. However, it had not lost its power. His eye-opening points on the relationship between Christianity and culture amaze me. He makes the point that we need to engage the culture instead of ignoring or embracing it. We then all trekked to the lobby where free time was wrapping up. Now, guitars are being placed back into cases, ice cream sandwiches are being devoured hastily, and the students are heading upstairs to prepare for another enlightening day of knowledge. Week one is coming to a close and I am sorry to see it leave. As we progress into a new I hope you have all kept us in your prayers as we embark on a new chapter of our lives. Thanks and God bless.

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  • June 07, 2011 // 08:23 pm //  # 
    Matthew Tuttle's avatar Matthew Tuttle

    Thanks for the info about the alumni talk. It’s helpful to know what was discussed.

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