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June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24 (Session 3, Day 13)

Friday, June 24 (Session 3, Day 13)

“Today marks the very last day of Summit Session 3, 2011. It is hard to believe that the session is coming to an end. I’m sure most students had mixed feelings. We were all tired, excited to go home and share what we have learned, yet still thirsty for more of Summit (at least I was).


For the past 2 weeks, the experience at Summit had been more intellectual, although there were plenty moments of fun and great times with friends. After all, we are here learning to love God with our minds. Today was definitely one of the more emotional days as different faculties such as Mr. Chuck Edwards, Mr. Eric Smith and Dr. Jeff Myers encouraged us to put what we have learnt in these 2 weeks to practice. While they were speaking, I saw how much they cared for the future generation, and their desires to advance the kingdom of God through training us to win in the battlefield of ideas, with hopes that we would step forth and be leaders in this world for the kingdom of God.


The highlight of the day was graduation. All graduates and staff were dressed up in their Sunday best and everyone looked stunning. We had Tabitha Hems and Jonathan Swedell, both excellent students, share messages with us during graduation. I would like to share a quote by William Carey that Tabitha shared “expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.” Jonathan also gave a great speech and ended it with a good reminder that in all things that we seek and do, let it be for the love of God and man. Looking at them and other students here at Summit, I am so amazed by the many young talents God is raising up for His kingdom.


During graduation, Dr. Jeff Myers and Dr. David Noebel both shared a message. Dr. Noebel has been such a faithful and courageous servant to the Lord in the last 49 years of leading Summit. He has run a good race, and is still running a good race. With such a faithful witness who has gone before us, I hope that all of us there would also be inspired by His leadership to fight the good fight of faith.


Dr. Noebel also shared his thoughts on “What’s right with America.” Often we hear negative things about this nation, forgetting the things about it that makes it an example for the rest of the world. His speech was a good reminder of the strengths and blessings of this nation. Among his list of 32 points, several that he shared were: 1.) We have a great foundation of founding Fathers, 53 of 55 professed faith in Jesus Christ. 2.) Americans are the most generous people on earth. 3.) Americans have unprecedented freedom in the history of the world. 4.) Americans have been more friendly to Jews, Blacks and Woman than any nation on earth. 5.) If you work hard and play it straight, you can be whatever you want to be in America. 


The ceremony followed with presentation of certificates, and a (as always) spectacular show put on by the wonderful staff who are always working hard to make Summit a wonderful place. Thank you guys for the songs that almost made me cry and the video that also almost made me cry, though I withheld. Finally, it is time to bid farewell to Summit: to all staff, friends and faculty. The friendships formed here will not be forgotten, the love experiences kept dear to the heart, and most important, the knowledge gained will be remembered.


Thank you parents and supporters for all that you have invested into us, and into Summit."



Chin Wah Teo

Summit Colorado Session 3, 2011


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