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June 18, 2011

Friday, June 17 (Session 3, Day 6)

Friday, June 17 (Session 3, Day 6)

I awoke to the musing of the wake-up crew this fine summer morning. Their creativity never ceases to annoy me. They sang as we groaned, due as much to our unsatisfied eyelids as our assaulted eardrums. Somehow it occurred to me as I sleepwalked to the shower that “Doc” (that’s Dr. Noebel for those who don’t know) really was not coming back until graduation, and I sincerely grieved his absence.

This is my second term at Summit Ministries, and I had become accustomed to his constant presence during my previous stay. He was always the first to teach and tell jokes in the morning, and he always was the last to teach and repeat his jokes in the evening. What was funny the first time seemed only to increase exponentially in hilarity every time he repeated himself, until everybody seemed to have a bond, as well as an inside joke with everybody.

Anyway, our first speaker was Eric Smith who had some enormous shoes to fill, for he was teaching Bible Hour in Doc’s stead, and I am pleased to say that he filled them well. His approach to the hour was to tell us about a man named Tom Thomson, present a premise that Tommy would likely propose, and ask us to rebut him using our Summit teaching and our Bibles. It was different, but it opened up a healthy discussion with our small groups, and it showed me how easy it could be to refute an ignorant claim. Tommy may have continued to argue, but I feel more confident nonetheless.

Casey Luskin followed Bible Hour with a three-part lecture on the evidence for Intelligent Design, and the lack of evidence for the largely accepted Darwinian Evolution. Casey destroyed any notion that Darwinian Evolution could ever be called “scientific” with a straight face, as did his boss, Stephen Meyer, when I saw him speak in California a few months prior. Casey is a scientific gargantuan, and I was extremely pleased to see him speak at Summit Ministries.

Lunch is normally fairly boring, for lunch is too short to really go out and explore the town, and too long to make small talk around the cafeteria. But during lunchtime today, Dr. Jeff Myers was on Fox News unleashing a nuclear arsenal to shame North Korea in a debate of sorts against this lady who rolled her whole face rather than her eyes when she was trying to blow off his excellent responses and rebuttals. To be honest, I don’t know if it originally was supposed to be a debate, or what, but I know that Dr. Myers was brutal despite the fact that he was clearly holding back. I’m excited to hear him speak at Summit again next week.

Dr. Myers’ wife, Danielle, gave an excellent lecture on manhood and womanhood, followed by indoor rock climbing, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had an interesting talk with Jason Poarch and resident philosopher Russell Johnson regarding a question my morally relativistic coworker had asked me a while back. Mike Adams gave another fantastic speech on “The Art of Culture War.” Mike Adams has been, and continues to be, one of my favorite speakers at Summit Ministries. His wit, humor, and the content of his lectures remains endearing as I endure the last hour or so of the day. We finished off the day with the second half of a video called “Agenda,” concerning the Marxist regime that threatens the United States of America. I was pleased to see Doc’s smiling face in an interview on the tape. He even told one of his little “Doc-isms” which we all find so funny.

Every day at Summit is an adventure in knowledge. In a world of conflicting ideas, it is nice to know that we have so many smart cookies on our side. And even if we didn’t, we have the God of the Universe on our side who cannot be overcome.

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