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July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29 (Session 5, Day 12)

Friday, July 29 (Session 5, Day 12)

Today was a lot of fun, but it was a huge letdown as well. Today is the final day of Summit, and I think all who are here did not wish this day to come. The events of the day included the graduation, review/recap of the past week, and a LOT of free time for me as I did not have to take the college credit test. The week has gone by all too fast, kind of like sand slipping through my fingers. This morning, John Stonestreet spoke to us on how we needed to retain most of the information given to us as we leave and how to better articulate what we have learned here when we speak to our families in the coming weeks. Randall Niles spoke on how we as Christians need to learn how to saturate the internet with the Christian worldview, using the resources that we have today such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Youtube. It was really quite amazing to see Dr. Jeff Myers on Fox News, because he was discussing a fair portion of the subjects that we covered this week especially the need for Christians to enter and begin to reclaim the lost ground in our culture today. Right before we saw Dr. Myers on TV, we heard from an organization called Save the Storks. Save the Storks provides free portable sonograms on buses to pregnancy centers around the U.S.A., so that we can influence the expectant mothers who are considering aborting the precious one inside them. Unlike many Christian Pro-Life groups, Save the Storks does not go around with massive signs yelling outside the clinics, but they are approachable because they calmly influence the mothers by showing them the child inside them and giving them alternatives to aborting the child.

Graduation was also a major highlight of our day, as we had our families here to see and learn some of what we did this week. Eric Smith spoke to us one last time in graduation, recapping the whole history of Summit and introducing Dr. Noebel in the process. We had Dr. Noebel back to speak to us and send us off into our regular lives. I really don’t know how much my family truly understood of the laughter that Dr. Noebel evoked from us students, but I guess that is one place that they missed out these past two weeks. The staff has been so amazing in m time here, but tonight was one of their finest nights. Some students bought the Nightwatch at the staff auction, and tonight is probably going to be REALLY scary. We have no curfew tonight, so I don’t know how much sleep we are going to get. I am sure going to miss this place, and to all who read this, Summit has had a great influence on how I view the world now, so you should come. You will have as much or more fun than I have had this week. I have been blessed by these past two weeks, and I look forward to coming back a second time.

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