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August 30, 2011

Friday, August 26 (Session 7, Day 12)

Friday, August 26 (Session 7, Day 12)

This morning we woke to a bittersweet feeling. We came to the realization that, yes, this day was the last day at Summit.

So the question for today was, what should we do for our last day of Summit? There was a very hard decision of either going to the Air Force Academy and seeing some killer planes, going to the fabulous Focus on the Family, or simply staying at the beloved Summit campus and hanging out with friends. We decided that nothing could be better that staying at Summit for the last day. Our day was packed full of walking around downtown, eating all of the custard we possibly could, and visiting graffiti falls. The shops were full of kids searching through shirts, jackets, and other gifts for their families back home.

$2,740.50, that is how much money Summit raised at the auction to help support Sudan. Some kids even went down town with their guitars in hand to raise some extra money. At the auction, kids got to bid on fun activities to do, including: throwing water balloons at the dish pit staff, eating cookies and smoothies, and staying up all night with the night watch team. We fortunately won the bid of staying up all night with night watch team. YEAH! There is no denying though that it was quite entertaining watching the staff get slammed with water balloons by the students. It was worth every penny we paid.

Graduation night was filled with memories and strong emotions. We watched each one of our friends walk down the stage and proudly receive their diploma. This week has been crazily beautiful, like a bumpy road headed to paradise. The atmosphere here is somewhat in comparison to home. At this very moment, 12:51 pm, we honestly are not very stoked about the morning hours: the time when everyone bids each other so long and farewell. Imagine saying goodbye to your family...forever. Okay, not forever, but that is what it seems when thinking of leaving everyone. We’ll say goodbye and once again, go back to each of our own lives and journeys. But, it will be different than before. Jesus has worked in so many ways here the last two weeks. He has mended hearts, and - through the speakers - He has inspired and touched each person in their own way. Everyone holds a different story and background, but regardless Jesus knows every heart and spirit and is willing to work in every life, if we are open to what He has in store. The challenging speeches that we sat through diligently every day was so worth it because now, we can defend our faith all the better in the real world.

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