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August 13, 2011

Friday, August 12 (Session 6, Day 12)

Friday, August 12 (Session 6, Day 12)

Evening, folks! Today was the last day at Summit, and as happy as I am to have graduated, I’m definitely going to miss it here. However, it’s too early to be typing up good byes, so let me start at the beginning of my day today.

I woke up, late as always, in room 425 while my awesome roomies were already up, dressed, and putting on their final touches for the day. It was obvious the day was special after all (and the staff singing us awake only made it more special!). It was graduation day, and the room was full of excitement and just a bit of sadness. Five minutes after rolling around on and then off of my bed, though, my mind was completely consumed by room checks. See, I thought we had one final go, so I spent the next half hour or so, of my time before class, building an angel. It took a night stand, my luggage bag, the small trash can, two blankets, a sheet, two push pins, and my own name tag… oh, and also a box fan (see we pinned up the sheet behind the “hooded” figure with the push pins to make wing, and then we put the box fan behind it and turned it on. It gave the wing a nice rippling effect). My friends and I were so proud of this creation, we took pictures with it! That’s when we discovered the horror… no room checks today (you would think, that after fours years here, I would have remembered that little detail)! So, I trudged on to class, as soon as the bell rang, and my day instantly brightened. The guys of the first and second rows had given all the girls of those rows a rose each. It was so sweet, and definitely a first for me! This definitely reinforced the thoughts of previous days on how the best of the men in this world are always found at Summit. So, needless to say, I was a little distracted through the classes after that, but I still learned a good deal, like how to promote Christianity online… and then Bob made another appearance. That was interesting. The day only got better from there. It started with my absolute shock that, along with room 322 for the guys, room 425 won the room check race for the session (my roommates said I looked like I’d had a heart attack. I’m glad they didn’t get pictures)! I’m still surprised, but so very happy! I’ve wanted to win since my first year at Summit. It was so sweet! Then, since I was one of those people who had to take the Bible exam more than once, I had yet to see my newest score. It took me three tries and a heavy study session with Michelle, but the perfect score I got was definitely well worth it! Next on the list of awesomeness was the Focus on the Family tour. It is such a beautiful place, and I would highly recommend visiting the place. The super slide was amusing for all who were tall enough (and short enough in some cases) to go down it, and wandering through the world of Adventures in Odyssey was so cute, and reminded me of my little siblings. I spent most of my time in their bookstore, though, where I, unfortunately, could only purchase four of the huge stack of books I wanted. Maybe I’ll get more another time… The ride back to Summit was followed by a trip to the library, dinner time (which was awesome as always), and then preparation for the graduation and reception. I must say, my roommates were absolutely beautiful tonight. Now, every year, when it comes to the graduation ceremony, there are certain things I always look forward to. One is watching the session video, especially the staff skits (which were awesome) and also included the epic movie trailer that a group of students bought at the staff auction. It was the best movie trailer ever! And then there’s Doc’s speech. The speech was on what he was for, and he listed everything from A to Z, literally. Examples of the A list are adoption, and the ADF. Following such an awesome and humorous speech, the students of session six got to graduate. I’m surprised my hands didn’t go numb from all the clapping. There was lots of cheering, clapping, smiles, and then after… lots of ice cream! I managed to get a few pictures in, one with the Doc, one with Mike Adams (Giddyup!) and finally a picture of my brother smiling. There was a lot of running around, book signing, picture taking, and just hanging out. It, I have to admit, was probably my favorite year at Summit, ever. So, that was my last day, and I’m a little sad. I’m going to miss every one: staff, students, speakers… at least there’s Facebook, though!

Thank you, everyone, for making my last year as a student absolutely wonderful. You all have no idea how much it means to me. I don’t think I could pick a single moment that was the best of all moments, because I was constantly having fun and enjoying everyone’s company. Thank you, so very much.

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