After nearly 50 years, our founder and President, Dr. David Noebel, recently retired
Summit Ministries' leader and founder Dr. David Noebel retired and passed the baton to a new leader, Dr. Jeff Myers.
Over the last decade, Dr. Myers has served on Summit's faculty and presided as the Chairman of Summit's Board of Directors.
Read Dr. Noebel's full letter to the Summit family here.

Through the fall, Doc Noebel and Dr. Jeff Myers worked together to ensure a smooth leadership transition as they upheld Summit's mission to challenge Christians to stand strong in their faith and defend truth.
"It's hard for me to believe I've already spent five decades doing what I love! But what's easy for me to believe is that Summit is more alive than ever and that Jeff Myers is the perfect new leader for this ministry. Our plans for the spring and summer conferences will make them extraordinary, and I look forward to teaching more than ever," Noebel said. "As our work at Summit takes on even more significance, we are blessed to look back on 50 years of successful ministry and are honored to look ahead to 50 more years of making a real difference in this world as more young people are trained to become deeply involved in all areas of life, from a Christian worldview perspective."
Summit Ministries, the first educational Christian worldview ministry in the United States, has stood the test of time and has been a quiet leader in this area of ever-increasing importance. 2012 will mark Summit's 50th year of educating Americans—young and old—helping to root them in a Christian worldview that permeates all areas of life.
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